The Awesome Aim

To get every child in Singapore, and especially girls, to dream big, aim high, chart their own path, and live their lives at the fullest potential

How Will We Do This?

We bring to our school children the amazing stories of the Awesome Women of Singapore – the pioneering women who broke through boundaries and shattered glass ceilings. These are women who helped to shape Singapore, and they are inspirational role models for young Singaporeans.

Many of the women faced obstacles as they chased their dreams but they persisted, and they made their dreams come true. Their stories will inspire young Singaporeans to challenge whatever limits they may face, to dare to dream, and to want to make their dreams come true.


Be inspired by the stories of women who were pioneers, boundary breakers and record holders, risk-takers and change makers, role models and standard setters. Women who dared to dream, and made their dreams come true.

Express your own hopes, dreams and ambitions in creative ways and submit your entry by 8th December 2023.

Meet The Judges

Yvonne Tham
CEO of Esplanade

As the CEO of Esplanade, Yvonne Tham is responsible for its overall management and programming direction as a performing arts centre for everyone. With a background in arts and past involvement in government roles, she played a key part in policy development for arts and culture in Singapore.

Dahlia Osman
Artist and Educator

Dahlia Osman, an art educator with 30 years of experience, has taught diverse art disciplines at institutions like LASALLE College of the Arts and Central Saint Martins, London. As a multidisciplinary artist, she explores themes related to neuroplasticity and the human condition, creating public sculptures, charcoal drawings, and theatre set designs.

Jazz Chong
Founder of Ode to Art

Jazz Chong, the founder of Ode To Art gallery, embarked on her artistic journey 18 years ago. Her gallery proudly features works by international artists like Chen Wenling, Fernando Botero, and the 103-year-old Singaporean artist Lim Tze Peng. Jazz curates exhibitions worldwide, and is actively involved in fundraising initiatives. She co-chaired a fundraiser for the Singapore National Gallery in 2022. She’s also a composer of Chinese pop songs, with several commercial releases.

Amanda Chuan
General Manager-HR
The Hour Glass Limited

Amanda Chuan, General Manager-HR at The Hour Glass Limited, is a seasoned HR professional and passionate advocate for the arts. Having grown up in a family that cherished art and music, she believes in the power of creativity to connect people, enabling them to lead well-rounded lives.

Melissa Canorasaputra
Freelance Illustrator
and Creative Director

Melissa Candrasaputra (Art Mel C) is a freelance digital illustrator and creative director who creates empathy-driven illustrations for children’s books and education materials. Combining her love for picture books and journaling, Melissa founded #MondayBluesNoMore, an art journaling community, where she has taught children and adults for 8 years.