The AWESOME Art Competition 2024

Open to students aged 7 to 16 based in Singapore.

Submission period: 12 Aug 2024 – 1 Dec 2024

'Miss Saleha'

by Hiyasha Tanwar
2023 Participant

'Beyond Depths'

by Liu Siyu
2023 Participant

'The Dream of Taking Off'

by Chen Yanxi
2023 Participant

'The Family Banquet'

by Giselle Chen
2023 Participant

About the AWESOME Art Competition

We are looking for artwork that captures the spirit of the Awesome women of Singapore—those celebrated in the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame (SWHF). These women are pioneers, boundary breakers, record holders, risk-takers, change-makers, role models, and standard setters. They dared to dream and made their dreams come true. 

Create your own masterpiece that tells the stories of these Awesome women to inspire others to dream big and aim high, and you’ll stand to win attractive prizes!

This year, 3 categories will take the spotlight. Come back on 12 August to find out which!

Past winners & honourable mentions

'A Glance at Glory'

by Aarika Banerjee
2023 First Place, Primary Category

My artwork is in the form of a newspaper report about Kandasamy Jayamani’s gold medal for the SEA Games 1983 marathon. It is in monotone, except for the gold medal, which is to highlight her success.

l chose Jayamani as l was very inspired by her. She saw Glory Barnabas win the gold medal for the 200m finals at the 1973 SEA Games and her heart set on doing the same. At the 1983 Games, she was disappointed when she only got a bronze medal for the 3000m. But she pressed on and was able to get the marathon gold. The fact that she was not disheartened and was able to bounce back is why l chose her.

'My Inspiration'

by Sun Jiaze
2023 First Place, Secondary Category

My artwork is of Amanda Heng, a trailblazing artist whose profound impact on Singapore’s art scene resonates with me. As an Art Elective Programme student, I’ve explored her social commentary artworks, courageous leaps into a time when public performance art faced limited recognition. Amanda’s monumental contributions shape our cultural identity, allowing us to peer into past lives. She paves the way for aspiring artists, her role model status emboldening others.

In the foreground, Amanda smiles, pointing towards sunlight, capturing her cheerful nature. Candid photos reveal her contagious joy, reflecting unwavering positivity amid adversity. This portrayal symbolizes a bright future for public performance artists.

Illustrating iconic Singaporean elements at her base, I highlight the cultural tapestry she wove. The towering tree signifies her accumulated artistic wisdom, inspiring the younger generation. Two impactful photographs depict her interactive work, “Bean Sprouts,” and her commitment to empowering women in art, showcasing her enduring legacy.

'Pioneering Skies: Mei Yi's Flight to Excellence'

by Sharleen Lek Chee Sham
2023 Second Place, Primary Category

“Pioneering Skies” intricately captures the indomitable spirit of Lee Mei Yi, a trailblazer as Singapore’s first female fighter squadron commander. This visual tribute unfolds her remarkable journey of overcoming gender biases and soaring to unprecedented heights. Mei Yi’s unwavering pursuit of excellence, from her formative years at Raffles Girls’ School to her commanding role at 140 Squadron, radiates resilience and determination.

In this artistic narrative, Mei Yi’s story is more than an account of personal triumph—it’s a testament to breaking societal barriers and proving that dreams know no gender. The artwork serves as a vibrant tribute, inspiring young minds to dream fearlessly, fostering the belief that with courage and determination, aspirations can be transformed into reality. The artwork celebrates not just Mei Yi but is an enduring narrative of empowerment, beckoning all to aspire to the extraordinary.

'Shattered reflections; blossoming into a new chapter of life'

by Samantha Liu
2023 Second Place, Secondary Category

This artwork is inspired by Janet Lim Yuen Kheng, a global refugee crisis problem-solver. I was inspired by her stories of aiding refugees to discover a new chapter in their lives, hence the title of this artwork.

I have used acrylic and graphite to complete this artwork, incorporating shattered mirrors, representing the hardships refugees must go through, and blossoming flowers through the cracks, representing the “blossoming” into a new chapter of life. I have painted lilies, violets, and angelica flowers that symbolise peace, new beginnings, and strength.

In the resilient spirit of refugees, hope blooms and blossoms amidst adversity, reminding us that the human spirit can overcome difficulties and lead us to a strong and empowering life. Thanks to the help of the inspirational figure Janet Lim Yuen Kheng, many individuals get a chance to live a better tomorrow.

'Bubbles of Brilliance'

by Lin Xinyu
2023 Third Place, Primary Category

“Bubbles of Brilliance” represents my respect for these amazing women’s accomplishments in various spheres like society, culture, politics, science, and sports.

In the drawing, I am the girl blowing bubbles. Each bubble represents a famous woman from the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame. They broke barriers and set new records, inspiring us to have big dreams. In these colourful bubbles, there are stories of women who dared to dream and who made those visions real. They are like role models, showing strength and never giving up.

As the bubbles float, they tell stories of bravery and resilience, encouraging us to imagine ourselves achieving alongside these amazing women. I hope my drawing can capture the legacy of Singapore’s awesome women, honour them, and inspire future generations to believe in themselves and their potential.

'Pushing Myself to the Limits'

by Jee Si Xuan Jaleesa
2023 Third Place, Secondary Category

Yip Pin Xiu was born with muscular dystrophy but she did not let her disability keep her from living life to the fullest. Overcoming her insecurities, she continues to pursue swimming and dares to achieve more and more. This mindset helped her bring home Singapore’s first ever Olympic-level gold medal.

This artwork represents how she dares to push herself to pursue further and make an impact on society. There is positivity surrounding her so that she can push herself towards her goals. She is like a light of inspiration to me to push myself to the limits and focus on the good things in life.

'Powering Growth, by women of Singapore'

by Lee Wei Ting Renae
2023 Honourable Mention, Primary Category

This painting shows some of the many women who powered Singapore’s growth. In the foreground, Georgette Chen, a famous painter herself, is painting these women of different times, overcoming challenges and contributing to Singapore in different fields. In the centre, Agnes Joaquim presents Vanda Miss Joaquim which became Singapore’s national flower in 1981. Liew Yuen Sien, Nanyang Girls’ High School’s principal for 40 years, shaped many generations of young students, and swimmer Joscelin Yeo did us proud by winning 40 SEA Games gold medals.

Behind them is Dr Cheong Koon Hean, the first female CEO of HDB, who transformed Singapore’s city and housing. On the right, Gan Siow Huang, the first Brigadier-General of SAF, salutes Lee Mei Yi who is flying a fighter plane as the first female to command a fighter squadron. Finally, Anastasia Tjendri-Liew presents her delicious kuehs to the world and everyone stands proud in front of our Singapore flag.

'My Hero'

by Sofia Etana Limin​
2023 Honourable Mention, Primary Category

I did not know the first female doctor is so amazing. It makes me feel good to be a woman. I would love to be as smart and kind as she is. She helps me to have new dreams. I may want to be a doctor just like her when I grow up. I want to help people like she did. Now when I see doctors who are women, I will remember her.


by Cheung Yui Sam Isabel
2023 Honourable Mention, Primary Category

I chose Esther Tay, a clothing designer who was the first to export a Singaporean brand to Japan. The clothes she designs reflect Southeast Asian ethnicities, and are loose, comfortable and perfect for regular wear.

Esther Tay’s lines of clothing were one of the first to go international, so I used the Singapore Esplanade as part of the backdrop and painted it in the colours of the earth to signify internationalism. Orchids surround her to represent Singapore. In the background is the fabric pattern she designed, like waves expressing that Singapore design is going international.

I admire Esther Tay’s strength and determination in following her dreams of becoming a designer. Despite facing multiple challenges, she never gave up and did not let these setbacks discourage her from her path to success.

'Female Beauty'

by Elizabeth Lee Zhi Xuan
2023 Honourable Mention, Primary Category

I have a passion for design and art, and my dream is to become a fashion designer. I believe that achieving our dreams requires a lot of persistence, enthusiasm, and patience. Fortunately, I’m blessed to have the support of my family, who encourages me to freely express my creativity, join art classes, and take steps toward my aspirations.

In my exploration of art, I came across the inspiring stories of remarkable women in the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame (SWHF), particularly Celia Loe and Esther Tay. Their stories taught me that no matter how tough the challenges from society or the environment, as long as we remain true to our dreams, success is possible Their resilience during the challenging times of COVID-19 deeply inspired me, showing that even in adversity, we can continue to explore, grow, and achieve greatness.

My artwork delves into the beautiful fusion of the past and the modern. To me, maintaining beauty is not solely about appearances; it involves investing in ourselves. Beyond physical aspects, I believe in reading more books, exploring history, and passing down the spirit of knowledge and growth.

Through my creations, I hope to show the harmonious combination of tradition and modernity, which is the essence of female beauty and the importance of self-improvement.

'Presidential Inspiration: A Girl's Determination to Protect the Ocean'

by Angela Mu Zi Meng
2023 Honourable Mention, Primary Category

The little girl in the painting is the author herself, an environmentalist who has a special love for the ocean and a desire to protect marine life. However, she finds it challenging as a girl to accomplish this task.

Just when she is about to lose hope, she thinks of Mrs. Halimah Yacob, the first female president of Singapore, who inspires her with determination. She is determined to become someone like her and believes in her own ability to achieve it.

'The Woman Behind the Mystery and the Stage'

by Lim Si Qi Sophie
2023 Honourable Mention, Secondary Category

This artwork is meant to capture the spirit of the playwright and novelist Ovidia Yu. It features her and her various works – plays and murder mystery novels. The theatre stage that she is standing on is the one at the Esplanade.

In the artwork she is holding a pencil and book, which is a reference to her childhood where she would write short stories. By portraying her in the middle I hope to put the spotlight on her and feature some of her most popular works alongside her. Examples include her murder mystery series Crown Colony, as well as her play “Round and Round the Dining Table”. I used the sets of the plays in order to depict them. 

'Ovidia Yu – Author and Playwright'

by Sophia Adriana Tng Bte Rohaizad
2023 Honourable Mention, Secondary Category

This artwork depicts Ovidia Yu’s various creative works, featuring ‘The Tree Mystery’ book series (centre), ‘An Aunty Lee Mystery’ book series (bottom left) and ‘The Woman In The Tree On The Hill’ play (bottom right).

At the bottom of the piece is a book. The two gender symbols with an equal sign in between signifies Ovidia’s plays on gender roles. The top left corner showcases her past experiences dealing with medical school and financial limitations. She persevered and worked hard throughout, and became successful in the end with her popular fiction series: ‘Aunty Lee’s Delights’.

The top right corner showcases her several achievements, including writing more than 30 plays and getting 1st and 2nd in a Short Story competition and Short Play contest respectively. At the top is Ovidia herself, pouring out these wonderful stories from her imagination and ingenuity.


by Phan Anh Thi
2023 Honourable Mention, Secondary Category

“Embrace” captures the influential spirit of pioneering contemporary artist Amanda Heng. The central composition features three women, representing different stages of Ms Heng’s artistic journey, embracing and embodying the feminist and physically interactive themes present in her works. The abstract background incorporates symbolic elements such as bean sprouts, heels and hand-held mirrors, and prints reflecting her iconic artworks.

Strong brushstrokes highlight the invincible spirit of women, while blurred sections symbolise women’s harmony of boldness and sensitivity. My painting conveys Ms Heng’s impact on inspiring women to embrace their identities and pursue dreams despite obstacles of age, gender, or background.

Personally resonating with Ms Heng’s belief in art as a journey of self-discovery, the making of this painting corresponds to her philosophy of finding the “real and true you.” This painting serves as both a tribute to Ms Heng’s influence and my personal exploration of identity and emotion through artmaking.

'Above All'

by Jayee Ooi
2023 Honourable Mention, Secondary Category

BREAKING NEWS: Move over Maverick, it’s Mystique! Singapore’s first female fighter squadron commander, Lee Mei Yi, rises above all!

The Senior Lieutenant-Colonel in the Republic of Singapore Air Force overcomes all obstacles in her path – be it old-fashioned stereotypes or societal expectations. She breaks through it all with her peerless strength and discipline.

In fact, there is a steady build up of women in the Singapore Armed Forces, partially thanks to female leaders like Lee Mei Yi who serve not only to defend the country, but also as a role model to females in traditionally male-dominated industries.

It is clear as day – Lee Mei Yi’s indomitable spirit inspires women to pursue their dreams and soar into the skies!

'Harmony of Triumph'

by Sophia Su Feiya
2023 Honourable Mention, Secondary Category

“Harmony of Triumph” captures Florence Chua Siew Lian’s dual legacy in a vivid dual-sided concept. One side, ablaze with vibrant colors, showcases her hockey triumphs at six SEA Games, climaxing in the historic 1993 SEA Games gold medal win. Dynamic strokes embody the passion defining her sporting legacy.

Conversely, adopting a monochromatic palette, the other side symbolizes Florence’s 33-year police journey. Grayscale imagery narrates her historic achievements, notably as the first female Deputy Commissioner, and leading operations under the Organised Crime Act. Typography features her impactful quote: “Gender is never an issue for officers in blue,” reinforcing her commitment to breaking gender barriers.

This artwork serves as a powerful tribute to Florence’s resilience, leadership, and groundbreaking contributions in both sports and law enforcement.

Hear from our past judges

Amanda Chuan

Amanda Chuan

General Manager-HR, The Hour Glass

“I am impressed by the sheer talent and creativity on display. Every artwork, accompanied by its own unique story, offers a captivating glimpse into the vibrant perspectives of these young artists. The dedication and sheer spark evident in each participant are truly inspiring, and I am confident they will continue to illuminate the world with their incredible talent.”

Melissa Candrasaputra

Melissa Candrasaputra

Artist, Illustrator, and Writer

“It was challenging to pick winners, but I would encourage all participants to keep in mind that in the end, art is subjective in nature. If you keep putting out genuine hard work and heart work, your art will touch some people and may even change their lives. So, don’t give up 😊”

Melissa is also the Creative Director of ‘Singapore in the Eyes of Mother Artists (SITE.MA)’, a book launched by Mama on Palette.


Our judges for this year will be revealed on 5 August 2024.
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