What is Project Awesome?

Project Awesome is the outreach arm of the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame (SWHF). The SWHF was launched in 2014 by the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations to recognise and celebrate the achievements and contributions of Singapore’s most outstanding women.

A key aim of SWHF is to document the inspiring stories of these women so that they can be shared widely. We are especially keen to bring the stories to young Singaporeans.

In 2021, we published Awesome Women of Singapore, a book for young readers about the women in the Hall of Fame. Complimentary copies of the book were sent to all primary and secondary schools, madrasahs, and homes for children and youths.

We also developed a range of resources and programmes to help teachers use the stories of the Awesome women to instil in students important core values and personal skills. Many of the women in the Hall of Fame faced obstacles and other challenges as they chased their dreams.

Their stories offer salutary lessons for young Singaporeans today of the value of persistence, determination, resilience, and resourcefulness.

Natasha Ng, Mabel Tan, Gladys Goh, Teoh Yong Han
Year 4 (2021) Service Learning Team (Project Awesome)
School of the Arts

The Logo

The Project Awesome logo was designed in 2021 by a team of students at the School of the Arts. This is how they decided on the design:

“By daring to dream, we are boldly reaching for the stars and overcoming adversity. The stars are symbolic of our dreams and achievements, and the lasso encourages us to reach for them. Multiple stars of differing sizes show us that the sky’s the limit to what we can achieve through our strength and courage.”

Meet The Awesome Team!

These are the enthusiastic and energetic people who drive Project Awesome

Back (L-R) – Kim, Sherilyn, Si Hui and Lucia
Front (L-R) – Sarah and Stacy