We have a range of resources and programmes to help teachers use the stories of the Awesome Women in the classroom or at special events. We can tailor these to meet the needs of each school.

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We can arrange for talks and presentations by women in the Hall of Fame or others with expertise and experiences to share. These talks can be organised as part of an exhibition or other Project Awesome activities.

Thematic Exhibitions

The stories of the Awesome women offer rich content for themed exhibitions that can be staged at schools and other places.

The main content is profiles of the women selected for the exhibition, with an introductory panel giving an overview of their contributions and achievements. Quizzes and other interactive elements are an option that encourage students to engage more fully with the exhibition.

The exhibition themes include:

  • Action & Adventure (women in the Explorers & Adventurers, Sports, and Uniformed Professions categories of the Hall of Fame)
  • Caring & Sharing (Community & Social Work, Education, Health)
  • Righting Wrongs (Advocacy & Activism)
  • Taking the Helm (Government, Business & Enterprise, Law)
  • Creating and Communicating (Arts, Culture, Media, Entertainment)
  • Stepping up for STEM (Science & Technology, Environment & Conservation)

There is also the option of The Lives of Women, a condensed version of the series of exhibitions held at the National Museum of Singapore in 2018-2022.

The exhibitions can, alternatively, be built around the school alumna who are in the Hall of Fame, or any selection of Hall of Fame honourees. The exhibitions can include talks by women in the Hall of Fame or other inspiring personalities and role models.

Activity Kits

Designed for ages 5 and above, the Project Awesome activity kits position Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame inductees as role models for young people. Their achievements and their personal qualities are highlighted.

A variety of drawing and writing activities encourage students to think critically about the life journeys of the inductees and to develop a deeper understanding of what their contributions mean for society, and why each inductee deserves a place in the Hall of Fame.

The activity kits complement our roving exhibitions, adding interactivity that will help children and young people engage more fully and productively with the content of the exhibitions.


In collaboration with our education partner Face The Future, we have developed workshops for lower secondary and upper primary students. Workshops for other age groups are in the pipeline.

The workshops make use of storytelling and gamification techniques to get students to chart their paths around story-trees. These stories are matched to the Awesome women who made similar choices.

The workshops will encourage students to find out more about the Awesome women and, in the process, they will be able to see how they too can pursue their passions and contribute to society.

Customised Programmes

We can tailor programmes, activities, and experiences to meet specific needs.